National Organization for Marriage caught lying. Again. Maggie and Brian, you just got busted.

We here at NOManiacs know that it’s not only the followers of this corrupt, greedy hate group that are prone to manipulating stats, twisting facts and, from time to time, outright lying. Let’s just put it simply, they learned it, like the good sheeple they are, from the poisoned teat they suckle from. The only innocence – and I use this term very loosely – these unfortunate, unlearned and unquestioning individuals have is that they believe every spoonful of vinegar NOM feeds them.

NOM recently posted on their Facebook page that gay marriage advocates – there was, in fact, one, not multiple, though this is not the lie – were ‘very afraid’ of DOMA and Prop 8 going to the SCOTUS. They provided a link to their blog where they expanded upon the opinion as if it were fact. See below

NOManiacs 111212k

Now, please note that NOM stated on 10 December 2012 that the article they are citing in relation to the very recent DOMA/Prop 8 Supreme Court submission was written within the previous week. They are intimating that an expert on the matter has indicated, given the submission to the Supreme Court very recently, that NOM expects to win. You have to admit, funneling $400,000 of their followers donations into pushing it this far, they need to give off the image that they’re winning. Unfortunately, they’re not. The image below was taken directly from the website from which the NOMBlog references an can be found by clicking here;

NOManiacs 111212l

Again, note the highlighted section.

So this article, which NOM claims is related to the recent submission from early December, was in fact in relation to speculation made in SEPTEMBER, a whole SIX WEEKS beforehand.

FAO Brian Brown and Maggie Gallagher – You are liars. You are not to be trusted. You are what is wrong with the United States. Not homosexual people.

You make me doubt the very faith I have in humanity.

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