NOM sinks to new low in fearmongering. And Rick Ryan mocks Down’s Syndrome.

We all know that one of NOM’s favourite tactics to stir up donations to keep Maggie and Brian in Papa John’s and Chick-fil-A is the old fearmongering/slippery-slope trick that, as anyone with an intelligence quotient in positive figures knows, is simply a straw-man argument. In the past, they have used the argument that allowing homosexuals – like this co-writer here at NOManiacs – to marry will eventually lead to people being allowed to marry, in no particular order,  the following;

Children, dogs, goats, horses, cats, trees, buildings, other inanimate objects…

So how can they top this monumental level of idiocy?

Simple. They claim people will be able to marry themselves. Not ‘themselves’ as in they can perform the ceremony themselves. Actually get married to themselves. See below;

NOManiacs 051212

There were 93 people stupid enough to actually believe this enough to like it. At the time of the publication of this article, there were 106.

















Now, while I wait for the echo of the collective facepalm heard round the world to fade, consider their ‘evidence’. An episode of Sex and the City, which, and I don’t think NOM know this, is FICTION!! They also referenced a book written by an NYU Professor which simply highlighted, and I quote DIRECTLY from NOM’s own blog;

“the story of the biggest modern social change that we’ve yet to identify: the extraordinary rise of living alone.”

Please note the man said absolutely nothing – yes, NOTHING – about single people marrying themselves. Not a peep. Once again NOM has taken an innocent statistic written by a probable well-meaning individual who has worked hard on their study, and used it to attack ‘teh gays’. I wonder if Professor Eric Klinenberg of New York University knows that NOM is using his quote in such a context? Perhaps someone should inform him? (yes, that is a hint).

That sound you hear isn’t the bottom of the barrel being scraped. That’s the sound of the barren, stony earth underneath the barrel being scraped. We all knew NOM was capable of reckless stupidity, but if anything could highlight the downward spiral in which NOM finds itself following it’s embarrassing support of pro-rape government officials and a candidate for the Presidency who was not only disliked in his own country but also in pretty much every country he visited, it is this. NOM lost in a massive way when gay marriage looks set to happen in Maine, Washington state and Maryland following President Obama’s re-election.


DISCLAIMER – The following was taken from the NOManiacs Facebook page, and isn’t very nice reading. Rick Ryan, a seemingly simple-minded sheeple of the NOM breed, without invitation, posted a vitriolic attack on not only the blog, the admins, but the followers as well. Following a lot of banter in which Mr. Ryan not only displayed his lack of argument, coherence, or grasp of English language, syntax and grammar but also had it highlighted to him by an admin with a pretty spectacular hangover, he posted the following;

RR NOManiacs 1



Note the highlighted line. Yes, Rick Ryan just equated people with Down’s Syndrome to every negative connotation in his post. And there are quite a few. Suffice to say, Master ‘Steven’ Bates, he of the swinging past – and yes, the ‘USED to be’ IS a direct admission of this – a fellow NOManiac supporter was quick to point out Master Bates’s faults to him and the irony of him offering criticism – weighed in. Not with disdain to Rick’s actions, mind you. No. Master Bates is of the opinion that ”Rick is a great and moral guy”. Yes, he is. If you have all the morals of a sewer rat. He then descended into the hoary old argument of degeneracy, Satan and God before your erstwhile blog writer deleted the post and banned Rick from posting there ever again. Just as a footnote, Rick’s initial post was liked by the faceless – and likely non-existent – Yhwh Khai, as well as the rape-victim-abusing Simone McIntyre. Master Bates’s comments are below.

NOManiacs 051212c

The comments above Master Bates’s were made by PAINTS – Parents Against Indoctrination Normalized Through Schools. While they did not criticise Rick, who is a member of their page, they did not condone his actions either.





















Your NOM followers at work people. Give them an award. Or a live grenade to play with.

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