Holy and so-called Christians who stand by hate speech by clicking LIKE, you’re just as vile

National Organization for Marriage has been under intense scrutiny and observation for condoning anti-gay, homophobic slurs on its Facebook page. The NOM supporters who continuously post homophobic comments (which are Facebook violations) go unpunished, for now. What about those who say they follow the word of God, love thy neighbor, yadayadayada.. that’s all fine. We have nothing against that. But don’t be hypocritical about it. It’s not intimidation to call you out on it. If you post it on a PUBLIC page, you’re responsible. It’s not breaking the law (see #4 in Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities). One NOM supporter (featured on this post) has expressed her outrage that her name was mentioned in an earlier post. She even compared this “gay site” to the Taliban. Comparing gay people to the Taliban isn’t very Christian. How does one neglect to see the double-standard? We are not out to harm you, we are holding you responsible. That’s what being an adult is about. You are entitled to your opinions, but don’t set double-standards and expect others not to call you out on it. If you’re going to LIKE a homophobic post, you are responsible. It shows you support what was just posted… even if it’s untrue or a mischaracterization OR even homophobic. And it’s on a PUBLIC page for all to see, including those who may be struggling with their sexual orientation. Homophobic comments hurt. They even kill. Hate crimes are committed everyday. Liking/posting a homophobic post makes your responsible. How is this okay?

So here we go:

And here’s who liked this extremely homophobic post:

Here’s another. One, in fact, that uses a slur:

And another.

National Organization for Marriage DOES in fact monitor its page. It even LIKED a comment left by well-known NOM supporter, “Nino Brunet” who continually posts hate speech. Yet, NOM has done nothing.

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