NOM Plays Victim, NOM Supporters Respond with Homophobic Desperate Posts

National Organization for Marriage loves to play the victim card. Let’s just say it… it’s been a bad month for NOM. Washington State passed marriage equality as did Maryland. North Carolina polls show that the majority of its citizens disapprove of an amendment that would ban marriage equality. NOM is spilling over in hate in desperation. For example. Instead of trying to win people over with healthy point of view, NOM has allowed its most vocal supporters to post hate-filled rants with an occasional biased article from LifeSite News.

There is a battle on NOM’s Facebook page. NOM posts a topic, usually very one-sided or omitting critical information, to engage its supporters. Facebook Terms of Service violations happen pretty often on these posts. Usually, those who post such homophobic or vile comments are the same supporters. Yet, if you happen to visit NOM’s facebook page, leave a comment or engage in a civil debate, you will most likely find yourself unable to do so the next day. Anne Miller, Lexi Hastings and Steven Bates, NOM supporters, will most likely call you a “troll.” Just because you disagree with their opinion. What they fail to realize is, NOM’s page is in public view and anyone has the right to post (as long as it meets Facebook’s Terms of Service). You’d think an organization like NOM, who frequently cries that their voice is silenced, would agree in free speech for all. Banning someone from commenting or debating is… well, unAmerican. Calling people “trolls” or telling them to go to their “own gay page” is just a weak excuse for not engaging in debate and not wanting to listen to the other side. It’s cowardly.

However, NOM’s page is full of Facebook Terms of Service violators. Kevin Holland has been posting for several months now. You’ll find that most of his posts use Hate Speech (“homo” or remarks regarding anal sex). He is not banned. He has been reported to Facebook several times.

Today, NOM posted an article attacking a new book. The NOM post quotes Prof. Christine Schintgen, who happens to be just an ASSISTANT professor:
We at NOManiacs blog think this assistant professor and Chairman of Literature’s comments regarding turkey basters is a little colorful, if not inappropriate and doesn’t adhere to her school’s values statement (see section regarding Freedom), but hey, free speech, right? This assistant professor resides and works in Canada……. Canada.

In response to the post, NOM supporters commented, including Kevin Holland, who has been featured on this blog before:

Kevin Holland isn’t 5 years old as his profile picture suggests. Kevin Holland is indeed an adult who uses a picture of a child (his perhaps? we blurred it out) that appears next to his homophobic posts?  Ladies and gentlemen, these NOM supporters insist they are protecting their children from “indoctrination.” Ironic much?

2 thoughts on “NOM Plays Victim, NOM Supporters Respond with Homophobic Desperate Posts

  1. Gayle

    Typical. They think about anal sex more than anyone else I know.

    Not a single one of them provide any reason to deny rights.

  2. cg

    Ha ha, Kevin says the school needs to teach his children to “wright.” There are several more errors in just those 4 posts. I doubt he will be better at teaching them about life while the school teaches them to “wright.”


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