(Re)-Introducing Randy Dyer. Hypocrite, gay-basher and all-round homophobe.

To those of us who have spent many weeks, nay months, perhaps years, fighting NOM and their crazed and deluded band of followers, some of us may have had encounters with Randy Dyer. For those of you not familiar with this cretinous, cowardly individual, please enjoy the following summary.

Randy loves to patrol the anti-gay message boards 24/7 in the hope that someone, gay or not (though we at NOManiacs suspect preferably gay) will speak to him. When they do, they are met with a hostility usually seen by primitive tribes when outsiders invade their lands. When asked questions to prove his standpoint, he merely throws out unfounded, baseless and unprovable accusations. They are met with claims that they are “bashing” him, and being hypocritical. One long-time gay rights advocate has been asking for examples of said bashing for months and is still waiting.

To give you an example of this individuals mindset, the following screencaps were taken within the space of just TWO HOURS on NOM’s Facebook page. I’d offer a prize for the winner of ‘Spot The Hypocrisy’, but I’d end up as generous as Santa Claus on speed…

Randy has been told, numerous times, that people exactly like him and NOM are stopping gay people from living their lives how they wish – by being legal equivalents to him and his ‘wife’ and to be equally as happy with the one they love. He’s yet to get the message.

Randy likes to push the message that to allow SSM would mean allowing polygamy (when in fact it would damage such a campaign), as well as (with certain others – Nan Waters being one) that paedophilia would be allowed. We’ve all seen this slippery slope argument before, and despite being told that homosexuality is legal, and paedophilia isn’t, he doesn’t quite seem to get the message. Continuing…

Randy appears to have the belief that because one is gay, and loves someone of the same sex, that one has no rights. NOM’s tactics work yet again. As is another one previously mentioned;

See what I mean?

Note how Randy claims we are “bashing” him? Bear that in mind when you see the next post;

The SSM argument, it appears in Randy’s eyes, is “garbage”. More?

I wonder if Randy will dare reply on this blog why he claims we are bashing him while he is calling us, and our fight for equality, “garbage”. Moving on:

So no matter what argument you offer him, he will refute and ignore it. No matter the credibility behind it. Shame.

Apparently it does “effect” (sic) his life. Apparently he believes that the majority can vote on the rights of the minority and is somewhat upset about that. Sorry. Not really the way things work any more…

What goes around, comes around, Randy…

Then again, saying that gay people aren’t even human beings? Pretty low, Randy. Want us to continue? No? Sorry.

Above, we see Randy’s typical response to someone who has responded in a respectful manner to him. No winning with this guy, is there?

Really Randy? Care to explain the screencaps from this blog post?

WE are filled with hate, Randy? Why did you say what you did above? Any explanations?

Wise words Randy. Maybe you should take note of them…?

We’ve given you answers Randy. Whether you choose to read and/or understand them is down to you.

Need we say more?

Randy basically lays it out as he sees it. He thinks we don’t deserve any right. But I think we all knew that. Watch out for more from Randy and his bestest buddy Michael Wolfe shortly 🙂

11 thoughts on “(Re)-Introducing Randy Dyer. Hypocrite, gay-basher and all-round homophobe.

  1. Joe

    Dear Randy..it’s time for you to come up out of your Mother’s basement and live. Do you actually believe what you type? The shock and ahhh only gives your own pants a little movement.

  2. J. Patrick Morgan

    Ah yes, Randy Dyer. Working in concert with (or sock-puppetting as) Michael Wolfe and Francis Castro, Mr. Dyer has managed to make himself look quite the imbecil at the Support Viki Knox page on Facebook…

    Having to bear people like Dyer et.al….is that what the Bible means by “long suffering”?

    1. culturecheck Post author

      The ass-kissing Michael Wolfe does to Randy Dyer either shows an exceptionally devoted fan who is about to pop the question to Mr. Dyer, or a desperate attempt by Randy to boost his low self-esteem by making up a character to laud and praise him because nobody else will. I have several screencaps of this ass-kissing from various sites and will add it to this blog post shortly – anyway – work beckons!

      1. J. Patrick Morgan

        The issue with Mr. Dyer is that to him, what’s “good for the goose” is not good for the gander, and therein lies his hypocrisy. I noted that when “called out” on the SVK page, he made thinly-veiled threats of “coming after” this blog’s author. THEN, later in the thread, he states that he has no problems “calling out” people that act in the very same manner that he has previously (and still is!)


  3. culturecheck Post author

    We didn’t have to feed him, John. He comes up with this stuff all on his own, then moans when people come back at him.

    The purpose of outing people like this is that it highlights the hatred, homophobia and intolerance that NOM spews out and that its followers (whether they are paid to or not) repeats parrot-fashion wherever they can. Including to vulnerable minors. You might not give a shit how those youth feel but I do, and will continue to expose NOM and their band of sheeple at every opportunity, in the hope that it will save at least one LGBT kid from harm or even make them feel better about themselves.

    If that’s not a good use of a person’s time, I don’t know what is…

    1. culturecheck Post author

      Hi Randy! Recognized that it was you based on the “railroadred” email and the fact that you use a train as your profile picture. You are just NOW seeing this? Wow, we aren’t doing the best job getting the word out about NOM supporters like yourself. I’m curious… what exactly are you upset about? They are YOUR posts just re-posted. Also, your grammar is atrocious — “you’re worse nightmare” “…love for you to be there toy boy!” And “Jerk off!” Dude, you’re the one screaming at us for what YOU did.


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