Hypocrisy, and liking one’s own posts. Lesson one with Prof. Rick Ryan

It’s one thing to be caught out trying to be indignantly righteous when in fact one is displaying hysterical hypocrisy, such as NOM’s new sex-commenter has, but to do so with no support but oneself should really give you an indication of exactly how popular you are.

Presenting Rick Ryan, who went on a several-comment long rant about anal sex, homosexuals having sex, and sex in general, then appeared to shriek, in a lovely falsetto voice, that he had no interest in what people do in the privacy of their own bedrooms. Rick’s denial is right here:

He has “NEVER CARED” about people’s sex lives, apparently. I would recommend Mr. Ryan see someone specialising in short-term amnesia. Note the time lapse between the posts below and his denial:

Just to confirm, it took two hours from Rick banging on (pardon the inadvertent but nonetheless well-placed pun) about people’s sex lives – and yes, all of those likes on Rick’s posts are from Rick himself – I checked – to flat out denial about having “NEVER CARED” about said sex lives. I also noted how he had a dig, twice using the stock-NOM word of “perverse”, at gay people in general. NOM’s standards at work, ladies and gentlemen.

That said, at least Clarence Warren, who appears to think that his ramblings on the NOM Wall somehow constitute making him a “Scribe”, is less in denial about his obsession with male gay sex. You’d have thought, what with him being such a confirmed, non-chosen heterosexual, that he might, for once, think about FEMALE gay sex? He never seems to mention it. This seems to be a recurring problem with many of the male anti-gay posters that NOM so seemingly endorses on their wall. We all know what homophobia REALLY means, don’t we? See for yourself:

Moral lesson of the day – if you’re  going to be a hypocrite who can’t get anyone to like what he posts, don’t post it. If you can’t get over your obsession with male gay sex, either seek help or have some. Either way, you think about it more than we do…

3 thoughts on “Hypocrisy, and liking one’s own posts. Lesson one with Prof. Rick Ryan

  1. John Blatzheim

    Let me preface this by saying that I think it is really useful to look at what the average NOM(/AFA/FRC/AFTAH/Exodus/etc…) supporter says and thinks, particularly so that we have a defense when we call these people out as bigots.

    But…it does seem a little ridiculous and silly that you all put so much time into countering the Facebook comments of a few random commenters with absolutely no public pull or influence. Why the hell should I care about what John Smith from Podunk, KT says or thinks? Honestly as hateful as some of this stuff is, the logical errors involved aren’t really any different or even more egregious then that which I see from less informed pro-equality people. I mean we’ve all seen people make less than intelligent arguments in our favor. You know, the kind of comments that make you cringe and think, “you know, if you want to help us, please stop publicly supporting us…”

    Really not trying to be negative, but it just seems like there are more important things out there to deal with than what some random completely non-influential Facebook user says.

    1. culturecheck Post author

      Hi, thanks for the comment. I get where you’re coming from, I really do, and I don’t intend to come across as singling out people for petty reasons. My intention as the new admin of this blog is to continue the work of the previous admin in not only highlighting the lies and misinformation NOM happily parades but also how their followers unquestioningly parrot their sentiments. The main difference between logical fallacies on our side and theirs is that we are quick to correct our own – NOM and the anti-SSM side are less willing to do so. Often you can see the reverse – they will actually push the lie.

      As for them being non-influential, every person counts. You might think it is one individual making negative comments. Maybe so. But they are one of a large number and the more people we can highlight using straw-man arguments and demeaning, debasing and abusing gay people, young or old, black or white, the better. We should not have to stand for the abuse and name-calling that they have, after all, learned from NOM and their associates.

      Hope this cleared up my perspective.

  2. Joe

    NOM which collects MILLIONS of dollars off the backs of Facebook users allows these kinds of attacks on LGBT.. they a group formed to “protect” marriage not attack people. As you can see Brian Brown has never once made a post on his own FaceBook page.

    As you see it is nothing but a fundraising tool used by NOM connected to twitter. It is the wild west – they could care less what is said in there treads, they NEVER delete their own messengers, which bring us back to making points to have lunch with Brian.

    All this is done in Gods name!


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