New Year, same old NOM…

My first thanks are to the previous editor of this blog who has done a wonderful job exposing the hate-machine that is the National Organisation for Marriage and their often-foaming, semi-rabid, faeces-obsessed racist followers. They feel that they have done as much as they can with the limited time they have and kindly passed the mantle on to me shortly into the New Year. I hope I can do this blog as much justice as they did. Right, on to business.

With a New Year and Resolutions to be made, it may have been a little optimistic to expect NOM’s followers to maybe show a little more tolerance and respect towards their fellow human beings, in-keeping with the love and tolerance that their Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ asked. Actually, it was very optimistic. Foolishly so, in fact. To be honest, anyone who realistically expected as such must have been smoking something illicit.

NOM’s recent post targets a Canadian Gay Magazine editor, helpfully posting a link to its blog with a picture suggesting we are all trying to “indoctrinate children” (see below):

From NOM's Blog, 12th January 2012

NOM suggesting all gays want to "indoctrinate" people.

Most people would call it “educating”. Seems NOM isn’t very fond of education. Nor does “Daughter of Eve”, who seems, like so many of the sheeple that NOM relies upon to feed their insatiable thirst for money for expensive yet futile bus tours, 5* hotels and Maggie’s undoubtedly large grocery bill, thinks that all we’re after is to encourage people to have gay sex all day, every day:

All gays are sex maniacs? You think of it more than we do, hen...
That said, her impression of homosexual people pales when one considers Barb Chamberlain, and her comparison of gays to mentally deficient people. Thanks for that Barb:

How did the so-called “kindly” Christian followers react to this post on NOM’s facebook wall? By pretty much castigating us to an eternal pit of fiery oblivion lest we do exactly what they say and have sex with who they deem fit. Much in the same way a pimp would. If he was a pimp employed by the WBC, that is. Suzanne Reed Miranda, thank you for your assertions that we are all unhappy, miserable no-hopers with no chance of ever living a fruitful life without your sole intervention, but I think you’ll find many of us are happy with our lives and partners, jobs and lives in general. The unhappy ones which you speak of are no doubt unhappy because you keep posting and pushing messages like the ones below:

Can I make a very polite request? Not just to the people featured in this post but to all of NOM’s followers? We are not seeking marriage in your churches – just the right to be treated equally under the law. Your religion is solely that. Yours. It has no place in the law and as such cannot be used to dictate or argue against our legally recognised equality. Practice your faith. Enjoy it. Try love people as your supposed saviour said. You might just learn a few things…

One thought on “New Year, same old NOM…

  1. Susan Rosenthal

    I agree with most of your comments, but I did not appreciate the comment about “Maggie’s undoubtedly large grocery bill.” Please focus on the issues and refrain from commenting on Maggie Gallaher’s weight. The opposition may not be very nice, but you don’t have to contribute tot he problem by making cruel comments about MAggie Gallaher’s weight. You should remember that tjhere are plenty of overweight people on the Marriage Equality side as well.


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