An apology followed by more hate speech isn’t an apology at all

Months ago, we reported that a young man in the UK had posted a vile comment on Facebook. See the story here at

Days after his “execute them all comment,” Darren Clifft wrote that he was sorry for making such a horrible comment and basically asked to be forgiven. Of course we were touched by his (what sounded like) a sincere apology. The owner of this blog tries to remain objective at all times – reporting both sides. Basically, we gave him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he thought we’d remove the comment or he was just lying to save face?

Months later, he was back at it.

More recently (on Halloween):

Also, Darren is now boasting that he’s a proud member of the Praetorian Party:

Here’s a picture that he recently posted on Facebook:

45 thoughts on “An apology followed by more hate speech isn’t an apology at all

    1. culturecheck Post author

      I agree. Darren’s comments and actions are disgraceful. A legend, a pure british patriot? Uh.. by being a bigot?

  1. Garron James Helm


    1. culturecheck Post author

      Garron James Helm, go right ahead and do that. Sounds like you have a little crush on the guy. Does Darren know?

    2. Rehsab Thgir

      Nut bar. There is no God. Prove me wrong and get $3 million dollars – $1 million for the Nobel Prize in Physics, $1 million for the Nobel in Biology, and $1 million from the James Randy Foundation for proving the supernatural exists.

      You’d better get busy. Well, that is unless you don’t really believe.

  2. Daz

    Oh dear haven’t you got anything better to do with your life? I love it how you never post any of the other peoples vile comments against christians. Its all one-sided. you probably will never mention the other ‘loving, tolerant’ Leftists comments which were made against me. By the way, aren’t these blogs meant to be just about NOM? and yes I did think you’d remove the old blog but it seems like an apology wasn’t enough. Aren’t I lucky to be having all this fame – thats 3 blogs made about me altogether. And I’m just one Praetorian, theres hundreds more out there.

    1. culturecheck Post author

      Praetorian? What does it consist of exactly? Airsoft and paint ball guns and acne? You’re actually being laughed at.

      “Oh dear haven’t you got anything better to do with your life?” It’s better than calling for the “extermination” of non-white people and gay people.

      1. Daz

        I never called for the execution of non-whites, i just called for them to be deported. again, another useless attempt at trying to get people onto your side and dirty my name even more.

      2. culturecheck Post author

        Darren, you’re more than welcome to defend your actions. But be ready to be challenged when 99% of society disagrees with you and actually thinks less of you. We’ve followed your posts for days now and it’s clear that you are a liar. Not a very good Christian trait. Nor is it very good to call for people to be executed. Which you did. It’s forever written in your history.

  3. Rose Mompie

    Why doesn’t this blog post the entire conversation? Is it because the other side is just as hateful? I know the postings by gays on 1,000,000 against gay marriage site have filthy, vile comments. They are hostile and their language is absolutely horrid. Why don’t you post those comments?

      1. Rose Mompie

        Your attempt to intimidate me by publishing my e-mail address shows me that you are being deceptive and one sided. Another form of bigotry perhaps? Your bolg is garbage.

      2. culturecheck Post author

        Sorry you don’t like the blog. Though we don’t give a flying fig. Have a nice day.

  4. Sherry April Bailey

    I am speaking on my own behalf and am a friend of Darren’s. I disagree with Darren’s opinions on these issues and have spoke to him on many occasions. The fact is, I truly believe that this is not the real Darren and feel he will in all due time grow out of this phase, and see it as just that, a phase. However, I feel that this blog, blah-blah-blah is a continuation of utter nonsense. Darren may be acting extreme, but this blog is just as extreme. This is just a bunch of mudslinging and tit for tat, ninny nanny nonsense. Basically what is being observed on Darren, and being turned into a blog, is mere yak attacks that friends are having. on social network, while the ones who are hardened in their thoughts are out in the streets taking physical actions. Other than creating a media frenzy, this blog is non-productive and not a course of help for anyone. I wholeheartedly agree that Darren’s views are incorrect but this is not the type of corrective action needed or helpful, to say the very least. Media frenzy hype is non productive and childish at best.

    1. culturecheck Post author

      Then why is he posting Hate Speech (which is a violation of Facebook’s Terms of Service) to public pages? This blog has turned into his blog. We’re basically just reposting what Darren has stated over and over again. There are consequences involved in one’s actions. This blog is a reminder of that. He has contacted this blog several times complaining that it has “ruined his life.” So what about the teenagers who log onto facebook and see such vile comments like “Execute them all” and then commit suicide? Darren is going out of his way to demean fellow human beings. Sometimes when people go out of their way and publicize their extremist views, they are usually the ones that have a deep secret. While we’re not saying that Darren is gay, we’re basically saying he’s certainly a hypocrite. And for you to say you don’t agree his extremist (and inhumane) views but then defend him is just as hypocritical.

      How is this blog extreme? We’re merely reposting homophobic, threatening, hateful comments made by YOUR friends?

      “This is just a bunch of mudslinging and tit for tat, ninny nanny nonsense.” You contradict youself here… which one is it?????

  5. Sherry April Bailey

    Nowhere in my message did I defend Darren’s actions or thoughts, period. I stated clearly that I disagree with them and that I have spoke to him on several occasions. In reflection of what I was stating, is that a blog is non productive and is just a form of a yak attack creating a pile of paperwork and just a overall log of events, creating a debate of he said, she said… Basic mudslinging and ninny nanny nonsense. I did not and do not contradict myself, period. I DO NOT AGREE with Darren on these issues. I have know Darren at close range, before these issues ever started, and I do know that this is not Darren and do feel it is a ugly phase he is going through. That is not defending him, it is stating the facts, as I know them to be. I have been very upset myself over the turmoil that Darren has put himself in, but have felt in all due time, Darren will come to his own senses, one way or the other. Sadly, I do not feel this blog is of any help to him or anyone else. It is just fanning the flames, so to speak. Good old fashioned gossip and nothing more.

  6. Garron James Helm

    Psychotic Extremist?…..people need to read some of the outrageous left wing filth yous “SPEW” up!

    You’re hiding all the stuff yous post because yous don’t want anyone seeing you’re delusional comments, if anyone opposes you’re twisted oppressive views their automatically branded (Homosexual or in The Closet) last night Batman and The Pope!!!!!… where also branded Homosexual!

  7. jonnieboi

    Garron, I’m sure you’d post them if there were any. Surely this blog isn’t the only one who thought of using the Print Screen button. Then again, you’re right-wing radicals…

    1. culturecheck Post author

      It surprises us how choked up they get when their comment (which they posted publicly) is reposted here. They put it on the Internet for ANYONE to see, it is their responsibility and is forever a part of their history.

  8. Garron

    Your liberal cyber terrorists and stalkers…yous need reporting to The Police.

    I’d love to meet you bastards in public, yous would get a rude awakening….think you’re tough posting this shit on The Internet?

    Button bashing shit bags thats all yous are.

  9. Garron

    Listen you fucking muppet report me to whoever you want I don’t give a shit, it should be you lot getting reported to The Police for violation of privacy and harassment.

    Should I be worried about you addressing me by my full name, is that a warning of more bullshit to come?

    Go and crawl back under you rock you little cyber creature.

    1. culturecheck Post author

      Have at it. Report me to the police. All I have to do is supply them with your threatening messages.

  10. Garron

    You think because you act official and support Liberal ideas your above the law…well guess what your not.

    You say you share both sides of the story and and your fair…well that’s an utter lie, people like you (Liberal Society) are responsible for shaping people like me and comrade Clifft.

    You’ve planted the seeds of you’re own destruction.

    1. culturecheck Post author

      I’m not above the law and neither are you. Though pointing out hypocrisy and hatred is not unlawful. Especially when made on a PUBLIC page. Comrade? Praetorian Party? Most kids stop playing pretend by the teenage years.

  11. Garron

    You fucking idiot I’m not in The Praetorian Party, does me calling a brother of the same cause comrade offend you?

    You seriously need to check yourself, it’s clearly obvious…you consider yourself an upstanding liberal citizen, when actually your a disgrace you people will be the downfall of The White Christian Race.

    You people are responsible for the third world swamping The West…judgment day will come to you traitors.

  12. Alison Pryde-Fields

    It seems Garron not only has anger problems but also a self-aggrandised sense of his own importance.

    Garron, let me address you directly as a Detective Sergeant in the WY Police. You have no case which you can take to the Police. You and Darren have posted on a public forum, and it appears to be those in another country have not only captured pictures of your, ahem, ‘comrade’ but also responded to your comments. The Police here have no power to intervene against them

    Furthermore, you have replied to their entirely legal actions with threats and intimated violence. Any case you take to the Police will be thoroughly investigated. And when I mean thoroughly, they will look at your actions too. Including those threats. If you need it explaining in more detail, please consult a solicitor. My wife, being one (albeit in family law), knows plenty you could speak to. If you need one, let me know.



    1. Daz

      Well well well, if it isn’t the gay police. Please. The law is a waste of time. If the law can’t even punish the criminals who murdered and raped Charlene Downs then what chance do we have? The law is corrupt and the law needs changing. Someday the law WILL be changed so that left wing tools will be seen hanging on the end of a rope. Thats what it’ll come to in the end, believe me. Its only a matter of time before the British people get sick of your politically correct bullshit.
      Wife?? please, you’re a woman, she’s not your wife she’s your friend who you sleep with. Gay marriage isn’t even legal, at least not until 2015. And we’ll be making sure we do everything within our power to stop it from happening.

      1. culturecheck Post author

        I’m sure you’ll find the law a waste of time when they’re knocking on your door. Doubtless with an attitude like yours you’re bound to break the rules sooner or later. Wanting your opponents to hang? Bit extreme. Is that because you know full well you have no intelligent argument and have to resort to violence to get your own way? Might have worked in the Middle Ages. Not so much anymore…

  13. mandy

    Are all of you completely retarded….not the people defending Darren’s right to speak his mind but you freaking retards who think that HIS OPINION is sooooooo important u make blogs about it…. u want to be a flamming faggot go for it….u will burn in hell…. remember God made ADAM and EVE not ADAM and STEVE!!!! or EVE and AMY so you stupid people if his opinon is such a big deal to u obviously arent comfortable in your skin. One person really fucking up your life and making you so angry just shows the world that maybe u think hes right…maybe u feel you are going against God and the fact that he points it out shakes u to the core. u know what happened the last time someone tried to force people to think a certain way don’t you? That was hitler in WWII. remember what happened to him…. America came in the help people who already had the right idea and provided the man power to exterminate them. so I hate to tell you this but you really are making him famous and the majoristy of people think the same way he and i both do. if you want to be a FAGGOT be one but quit trying to make other people be gay and live your life without forcing others to accept u….thats what causes prejudice in the first place or dont u know that? anyway u hitler like morons need to as i’ve said on other blogs bashing Darren…..POP UR MOMMA’S TITTY OUT YOUR MOUTH AND GROW THE FUCK UP!

  14. culturecheck Post author

    Hi Mandy, thanks for contributing. I decided to approve your comment to appear on this page as it highlights exactly the reason for this blog’s existence. The fact you indicate it is us who are angry while capitalising your insults, swearing and condemning us to a everlasting fairytale torture chamber is not lost on any of us.

    I am not interested in a long drawn out discussion about the Bible and its inherent fallacies, so I’ll be brief. If there was a God, he created everyone. Steve included. That said, I presume you are OK with incest, right? Adam & Eve’s grandkids came from somewhere…

    As for Darren, people need to be aware of his extreme views towards them and the danger such an obviously disturbed young man might potentially pose to them. We know he’s not right and will never hold power but we DO know he is one of the most likely people to manifest their words into actions. And no, the majority of people DON’T think like you do.

    I’d humour you further, but seeing as all you want to do is call us all names (could you have been any LESS original?), I doubt you’d appreciate it. Thank you for providing us with more evidence that NOM, and its allies, are nothing but hateful, soulless creatures with not a kind thought nor word for anyone but themselves…

  15. Crusader

    Still going at it I see (no surprise there), how can you call this so called “Blog” anything but one sided? Is there a point to this pathetic fag fest? The only thing being exposed is you lot…I fucking dare you to post some of that vile Liberal, anti Christian, anti Civilized shit on that 100’1000’10000 Against Gay Marriage page that you lot clearly hijacked.

    You filthy bunch of degenerate whores and cock suckers, the majority of yous are Priests believe it or not…we all know queers like to fuck kiddies and pray on straight men with families….you’re all going to fucking burn.

  16. Devon

    Just read about this guy today regards his comments on Breivik.

    He sounds like a lost individual who has bought the nazi brainwashing hook, line and sinker. You’ve got to be in some serious mentally ill/brainwashed state to put pictures of yourself in KKK outfits on the net. The internet has been a great recruiting ground, especially. They bombard people with loads of bullshit videos on how the ‘white race’ is at stake etc. Even having fake facebook accounts of ‘sexy’ girls fawning over them to make them think their new life as a nazi idiot is a hit with the women.

    Why is it that most of these nazis are only 1 or 2 generations away from being immigrants to this country – self hate? Desperate to be seen as ‘English’?

    It’s a shame cos this guy seemed to have a lot going for him in his career but now that will all turn to shit as he associates himself with total losers. Maybe one day he will ‘wake up’ and realise how he’s been had and destroyed his life.

  17. Tony Dunn

    Lots of people go through ‘phases’ of hate and racism. Some worse than others. Some grow up and change, some do not change. Some go unchallenged and then act as Breivik or Brian Ross did.

    So what do you really expect people to do when faced with such hatred? just ignore them in the hope they will not go on to kill masses of innocent people, or challenge them on it and make sure they remain in the watchful eye of many people?

    He may well grow up in time and shake off all this hatred and support for mass murder, but how many others will he feed this hatred into before hand. Just as he is the result of Breiviks hatred, others will be the result of his own hatred. We need to challenge people like this when ever they come to the surface, and may already have saved many lives by exposing this latest nutter.


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