Rev. Wayne C Cooper on the subject of “Felching”

National Organization for Marriage supporter Wayne C Cooper is an interesting fellow. He is reverend at Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church in Pasadena, CA. He’s continually posted graphic, misleading and hateful matter on National Organization for Marriage’s facebook page. He likes to talk about poop. A lot. For example:
‘Gay Men Eat Feces’ According to NOM Supporter Rev Wayne C Cooper
Wayne C Cooper on “Gay Bowel Disease”

Now, it’s “felching.” Call me stupid, but I had to look up the term. I wonder if I can get a brochure on how “felching” destroys traditional marriage from Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church.

He goes from Tea Party to credit rating to….”felching”

4 thoughts on “Rev. Wayne C Cooper on the subject of “Felching”

  1. Denise Jean Doubeux

    Interesting how he mentions a “very, very small percentage of Heterosexuals have that fetish”, when these hardcore extremists constantly espouse that LGBTI are somewhere between 1.47-2% of the global population. Excepting when this minuscule percentage poses a threat to everything including the supposed institution of marriage. Then it’s an ENORMOUS problem. I mean, REALLY? I suppose if you believe nonsense from a fictional book and any crap from Christian OLDS sorry I mean NEWS (?) sites…then it figures basic maths does not compute in your nonsensical pea brain.

  2. Alison Pryde-Fields

    What I find difficult to grasp is why such an apparently straight man who seems hell-bent on eradicating and demonising homosexuality as a whole always seems to focus on MALE gays? I seriously doubt that more than a handful of gay men practice that fetish, but why does Wayne never mention any gay FEMALE sexual practices? You’d think someone straight would do that, wouldn’t you…?

  3. Anonymous

    Wayne is a troubled person when it comes to his own sexuality. He might rail against gays but it is OK for him to commit adultery and call his fellow ministers, cheap power mongers. Shame on you Wayne. He who is without sins cast the first stone!!!


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