NOManiacs frustrated with NOM’s Facebook Page Create ANTI-Gay Marriage Group

UPDATE: This group is no longer in public view. The comments reposted below were obtained before the group went private.

Take a look:

This is the new OPEN group created by NOManiacs. For several weeks now, Facebook NOM supporters have been pestering Maggie Gallagher to exterminate gay people from the page. Marriage equality supporters have been banned for no reason other than debating — which apparently causes extreme inconvenience to NOManiacs who pull in God to complete their argument.

This new group is interesting. The ground rules are well laid out, except they don’t follow them (such as no foul language). They ban whoever has an opposing viewpoint calling it “disruptive influences.” One of the moderators (there are several), Steven Bates, a well-known anti-gay NOManiac from the NOM page has already boasted to have banned several people just for having a viewpoint that “opposes God’s Word.” Let’s just say Church only matters and State doesn’t in here. If these people were given control over America, it would could look like this.

This member didn’t get banned:

Nor did Justin. (Justin Boudreaux is also Facebook friends with NOM President Brian Brown.)

The outlandish, contradictory postings are nothing new from Mel Spencer and other NOManiacs. They just know that they can post here and have no one challenge them. For if they do, they are banned.

Mel Spencer, another well-known NOManiac, starts off saying she has nothing against gay people then she ends it saying they need to be quiet – basically voiceless with no opportunity to challenge the misinformation that is crafted from people like Mel Spencer.

Then this:

Then she applauds when Steven Bates bans a pro-equality supporter. Remember when she said they need to be quiet? She wasn’t lying.

This guy believes the GLBT community should live a “life of chastity.” Now they want to determine not only who can marry who but who is allowed to have sex?

Here’s some more information about the Group. Notice the ground rules, yet NOManiacs have already violated them. Yet, they scream hypocrite at any dissenting opinion. Click image to enlarge.

56 thoughts on “NOManiacs frustrated with NOM’s Facebook Page Create ANTI-Gay Marriage Group

  1. Gilbert

    remove my name from your site. You do not have permission to post me and or my name and information. Gilbert Davis

  2. Dave Tremblay

    I am the creator of this group you have posted about, if you have ever read any one post that I have posted you would see a different side but of course the only thing you have posted is anything you find bad, I don’t condone a lot of what people say in this group and it doesn’t always go the way I want it to go.

    For the record I am a follower of Christ and I follow what his word says, I am not perfect nor will I ever be, homosexuality is only one sin of many I created the group with that name because I know people who think I am a hater will join, FB changed the way people can join now and have to be accepted. I believe in accepting everyone and as long as they abide by the rules I listed they can stay. Unfortunately I am not always there to control the people who come in and insult and poke, irritate and put down what I believe so I have admins to help with this now in most cases there are two sides to every story and here there is only one side hence the reason I am here to give the other side.

    The first two comments that you have, I never saw before or I would have given them warning and if it continued they would have been banned. They wouldn’t have been the first ones I have banned for this exact reason. We are all equally wrong when it comes to God but the difference between me and the people I am trying to reach is I have the love of Jesus and I want them to have what I have.

    To move on to the post by Mel Spencer, I find nothing wrong with what he said, he is aloud to voice his opinion and was not insulting.

    I read what Collin Murphy wrote several times and he was not respecting my rules. If you are in my group and disrespect the rules or others the “trash” will be removed.

    With that all said I don’t always agree with everything that is said in my group but I believe in allowing people to speak their minds as long as they respect, I will post in my group referring to this page asking for people to be more respectful which I expect from anyone who claims to be Christian/follower of Christ. Fell free to contact me via message.

    1. culturecheck Post author

      Thanks for your message. Pretending not to see the violations of the rules you set yourself is silly and hypocritical. Yet, not surprising. Anyone who disagrees with you and calls you out on your lies, homophobic posts is either banned or called a “faggot.” What did Collin Murphy violate? Disagreeing with you?

      It’s obvious your group is homophobic and that behavior is actually encouraged – there’s proof of that. And for you to encourage it is sad – whether it’s through scripture, etc. There’s a reason why NOM and other hate organizations just aren’t winning anymore. This blog is not out to maim anyone – we are not responsible for YOUR OWN posts. Just letting the world see that beneath the artificial religious crust, there’s a lot of hate and anger (and fear). Together, we need to put a stop to belittling people because of their sexual orientation.

      Again, thanks for your message. I have agreed to remove the member list since your group is now on private-view. The minute it’s no longer private, the member list images go back up since it would be in public site.

      1. Dave Tremblay

        Ok now you are doing what you claim my group is doing, I am sorry that I have a life and a job that doesn’t allow me to be in the group 24/7 to monitor. As I said I don’t approve of insults or some of the things that were said and have wrote to the group. If people continue down this same path I will shut it down.

        I can say the same thing and say you are Christphobic and reject facts, you have the right as I have that same right. I encourage people to look to God for the truth you tell them to reject it and accept what you call fact without proof.

        You say you are not responsible for “my own posts” and you are correct what I don’t see here on this blog that isn’t about maiming people is in fact my posts!!!!!!! You show a couple of non approved non Christian posts to put down God and what I believe.

        You think you know about God (artificial religious crust there’s a lot of hate and anger (and fear). Together, we need to put a stop to belittling people because of their sexual orientation.) when its apparent with what you wrote here you are clueless to the truth. That is sad.

        When I am done with this group I will open it and I hope you do read through it and see what the group is about.

        Yes there is three wonderful continents called the America’s and unfortunately one of the counties in North America is trying to change one of God’s laws.

        Now as far as “imposing” God on anyone you can easily choose not listen, not enter a church, not to join groups that promote it, stay out of schools that teach it but what you are forcing on us is to accept what you do and are forcing our schools to teach it.

        Marriage is not a right, it’s a privilege given by God and anyone that chooses to use marriage is following something God himself created so please, don’t talk to me about “imposing” God when you are trying to use his gift to a man and a woman, it makes you look silly.

        //If you want to live in the Dark Ages and not accept the GLBT community as fellow human beings capable of love and deserving of the same rights as you//

        Now you are putting words into my mouth and that is just rude, we are all God’s children and we are taught to love everyone what ever gave you the idea I don’t love the “GLBT” that would be like telling me I don’t love someone who is divorced or someone who committed adultery, these are no different but yet YOU impose that I HATE when you have no idea if I hate or of who I love, here is what I hate, sin, period end of story. Do you think I know the sins of every single person who enters my church is? The reason for so much promotion on homosexuality is homosexuals forcing us to accept something we will never accept.

        I don’t have “religious views” I have the word of God and I really don’t care what a court of law has to say about it, if they go against God that is there problem when it comes to judgment day, I have my own to deal with on that day as you and every other man/woman has to deal with. At the end of the day you choose to believe what ever it is you want to believe in, God gave you that choice.

      2. culturecheck Post author

        I’m not the one viciously attacking people because of their sexual orientation. Or trying to overturn marriage laws.

        Last I heard, the government issues marriage licenses, not the church. And it’s not requirement to be married in a church. Pointing out these facts do not make me a “Christphobe.” That’s just silly. It’s sad you have to bring God into this.

        Your group’s homophobic comments show what side you are on. And your tolerance of homophobia shows what side you are on. And the majority is no longer standing beside you.

        How does marriage equality personally affect your marriage? Pooooof it’s gone?

      3. Dave

        So I guess you lied when you said you would remove the members list since its still there. Typical!!!!!!!

  3. Dave Tremblay

    Oh one more thing, marriage is God created, it is a covenant with God between a man and a woman, nobody can change that. If you choose to go against that well, that is between you and God. The one thing I totally disagree with is teaching children about sex of any kind let alone homosexuality. I am a follower of Christ and it is a sin and I would stand the same ground if people were pushing to teach children its ok to divorce or commit adultery or steal etc. I am sure you get my point. If you choose to follow a lifestyle that I find is wrong that is your choice to do so, you don’t want religion in schools and its gone so leave out homosexuality too.

    Thank you

    1. culturecheck Post author

      And I’ll remind you… There’s a wonderful thing in America put into place by our Founding Fathers – religious freedom. You are free to practice what religion you so choose and I’m glad to see you’re doing that. However, you do not have a right to impose it onto others with the intention to take away rights that you enjoy – including civil marriage equality. If you want to live in the Dark Ages and not accept the GLBT community as fellow human beings capable of love and deserving of the same rights as you, I’m sorry but you’re going to be challenged. Your religious views do not hold up in a courtroom and cannot be considered as evidence or reason, etc.

  4. Alison Pryde-Fields

    Dave, little history lesson for you here. Marriage is NOT, repeat NOT Bible-created. Marriage only became a Christian tradition in the Middle Ages (circa 1100-1200).

    Marriage ceremonies have dated back to approximately 4,000-3,000 BC (about 2,100-3,100 years BEFORE the Old Testament even began to get written). This would put it firmly back in Pagan Times. The phrases “tying the knot” and “getting hitched” refer to the Pagan Handfasting ceremony, which is the Pagan marriage ceremony (which I have undergone).

    No religion owns marriage, nor can any religion define what it is. Why should Christianity define it? Why no the Pagans, seeing as they originated the concept? But then what about the Sikhs, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists? You see where this is going? The reason no religion can define marriage is that each faith differs in its viewpoints.

    Ergo, the only way to ensure fairness in marriage is to have it legally defined by learned minds. Not by Bible-wielders who want their own way and an excuse to keep someone as second class citizens, now that black people and women are out from under their considerably pressurising thumb…

  5. Dave Tremblay

    You can repeat yourself all you want Alison but the word of God says “in the beginning” this means there is nothing before that, the Bible was around since the beginning, Christianity started with Christ that was 2000 years ago. Marriage has been around since the beginning, got it? Good!!!!!

    Again Marriage is a covenant with God between a man and a woman. End of story use it and you are using God’s plans for a man and a woman this is what we call “cherry picking” anyways I said what I came to say and that’s the end I hope for your sakes you find it in your hearts to accept God because one day you will be in front of him explaining yourselves. Remember God would give up his son before he will give up on you.

    1. Michael

      You are a complete idiot. You cannot prove anything you have said. Your arguments have no validity. Go back to high school and learn argumentation, logic, and especially what’s a logical fallacy. Your poor skills make you look like a moron.

      1. culturecheck Post author

        You’re welcome to believe what you want to believe but the comments reposted here speak for themselves.

      2. Dave

        Michael, insulting someone doesn’t make you look any better then your insults, if you had anything inelegant to say you would have said it without making a fool out of yourself while doing it.

  6. Melissa Kennedy

    “but the word of God says “in the beginning” this means there is nothing before that, the Bible was around since the beginning, Christianity started with Christ that was 2000 years ago. Marriage has been around since the beginning, got it? Good!!!!!” – David…..they are your personal religious beliefs….also the world is a little older than 2000 years…google it

    1. Dave

      Melissa, you apparently cant read so lets try this again, 2011 years ago Christ walked the earth hence the name Christianity, now read carefully because this is where you got confused last time, the word of God (know as the Bible) has been around since the beginning not the beginning of Christ, no long before that time, the word of God started with Moses, he wrote the first five books oh some 3500 years ago but its dated back to the beginning and you don’t have to Google that just read the very first verse in Geneses, it reads “in the beginning” well that’s it, there is nothing before the beginning so there then marriage came after and in fact it is written in chapter two that a man leaves his mother and father to join his wife and the become one flesh and just in case you don’t understand that it means to be married and if homosexuals had any “rights” to that then God would have permitted it but as you can see he didn’t and in fact he destroyed two great cities for homosexuality and yes you can Google that.

  7. Alison Pryde-Fields

    No, Dave, it’s not the end of story just because you say so. Your religious beliefs are just that. Yours. Not mine. You cannot force them on me. You cannot tell me who to love. You cannot tell me who to have sex with. That would make you no better than a pimp.

    And it seems your view is that anyone who has not had a Christian marriage, specifically how you view it, are not married at all. Because Hindu, Sikh, Pagan, Muslim and civil marriages aren’t under God, right? So why is it only gays we see you and your page members abusing? With the exception of Steven Bates, of course. We’re all well aware of his extreme views against Islam.

    Religion has NO place in law. Your own personal beliefs, no matter how true YOU believe them to be, can NOT be used to define LEGAL rights. Ban gay marriage in your faith. That’s your right. But keep out of legal matters. Civil Unions here in the UK have given us gay couples (like myself and my wife) equal legal standings and rights. The result? Happier gay couples.

    Again, stop pushing your faith and beliefs on me. I am happy with what I follow, have no desire to change, and threatening me with the wrath of a God I don’t believe in is not only futile but also somewhat offensive. I don’t push mine on you, please return the favour.

    1. Dave

      Alison, it is the end of story because in the end you WILL answer to God and you can reject him all day long it doesn’t matter to me. I hope you see the light one day but it seems that at this time you don’t nor do you want to.

      Marriage is a covenant with God between a man and a woman and it doesn’t matter if a man and a woman choose to have a marriage done by a JP it is a covenant with God no matter how much people try and leave out God, I mean why do people want to leave out God of something that belongs to him? If you don’t want God in the equation then don’t use his covenant. Homosexuals cannot have the covenant because they are already doing what is not right to begin with then try as they do to defile God, well lets just say your end doesn’t look good for you, I really hope that changes because God does love you even though you reject him like you do.

      I don’t have a religion I have a relationship with God, religion is man made and what you would call things like Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism ETC.

      God created law long before anyone of use did, we follow his morals for the most part and seem to think we can change them laws as we go.

      We never “banned” anything let alone what you call “gay” marriage, there is no such thing. You can call it anything you want but it is not a “marriage” unless there is a man, a woman and a covenant with God involved and well, in your little equation there is missing one part so all you are doing is pretending, playing house without the daddy.

      Pushing my faith? Who came into who’s group and plastered everyone’s name here? Posting “some” posts that were on the wall but left out the other side? You say you are happy but I guarantee that you are not fully happy as you say you are. I really don’t care if you are offended a lot with what I say, it’s a fact and you need to worry about it because the wrath is coming and you will face it whether you like it or not.

  8. Denise Jean Doubeux

    Dave Tremblay could have his view of things in private, but like many religious terrorists, he makes a PERSONAL CHOICE to make it public and SHOVE IT DOWN THE THROATS of others. So tough freaklin’ luck you’re being called on the mat! is pretty much exemplary of the narrow-minded, opinionated, Christer extremist who thinks that his PERSONAL CHOICE of religious belief gives him entitlements over others. Sorry but no matter what fictional garbage you spew from the bible – it does not change the fact that Christians did not invent marriage, they don’t own it, and they don’t have a right to say who gets to have it. Learn the difference between make believe and real life.
    Actually I could have summed it up neatly and briefly by simply stating the fact that Dave Tremblay is somewhat mentally retarded.

  9. Will Rodgers

    I have to laugh at this because they don’t show what ssm supporters say to others. They will not show you the death threats that have been made to me. They will not show you when people have tried to find out where I live to make me go away. They only show what they want others to see, so they can go on acting like the victims that just sit there and don’t do any antagonizing on there own.

    In fact they even target people’s places of employment for something the employee did away from work. If they feel the military can’t dismiss someone for coming out as gay, why do they feel it’s okay to try and get someone fired for opposing same sex marraige?

    1. culturecheck Post author

      Then make a blog and repost the atrocities of SSM supporters. I’ve been threatened too for having this blog to the point of having my personal information posted on a public page. We’re not the ones killing people for being straight.

  10. Alison Pryde-Fields

    Dave, you ask who put whose name everywhere as if it’s justification for judging me based on a faith system I do not believe in. Sorry to tell you that I had nothing to do with this page. I just post here. Thanks for being judgmental and presumptuous, but you got it a little wrong there. As for who came into whose group, you came into this one. Kettle, Pot…

    Marriage is a legal contract. Weddings are the ceremony related to the faith. Once you grasp this exceptionally simple concept then maybe, just maybe, you might realise that Christianity does NOT, and NEVER will, own the copyright on marriage.

    And can you PLEASE stop browbeating me with the consequences of YOUR religion. I’ve asked you several times now to STOP pushing YOUR faith, YOUR beliefs and YOUR rules onto me yet you keep persisting. It’s not only harassment but a little threatening too – you’re effectively saying “Do what I say or be in agony for all eternity”. You know full well I do not believe those rules and to continue to use them against me is, simply put aggressive.

    Please stop it as I’m happy in my faith and do not want converting, especially if the side-effects and consequences mean I have to hate people. I don’t do hate, thanks.

    I can see that you are unwilling to accept the consequences of associating with known Islamophobes like Master Bates (who has a lovely past in swinging) and convicted violent offenders like Jahnmaud Lane (who also talks dirty about rape to minors). If that is the company you wish to keep, so be it. Don’t act all pissy

    Alice and I will be celebrating our first anniversary on Friday, in our new house. So yes, I’m very happy.

    1. Alison Pryde-Fields

      For some reason part of that second to last paragraph didn’t get posted So here it is.

      Don’t get all pissy that your members’ actions are getting called out for the hatred they are. You manage the group, ergo you permit their hate. Either be a better admin or accept that you got caught…

  11. Denise Jean Doubeux

    I love watching these pea brain Christer loonies work themselves up until they are having a foaming-at-the-mouth hissy fit. How fucking dumb can you be to bitch on-line in a public forum and then not want to take responsibility for your own scribblings? Bitch bitch, dumb, dumb. Keep up the good work J.D.!

  12. Michael Ejercito

    Why do you sodomist fundamentalists flood pro-marriage sites with your messages?

    How would you like it if the anti-gay crowd (let alone pro-marriage folks) flooded marriage “equality” and pro-gay pages with their opinions on marriage and homosexuality?

    1. Alison Pryde-Fields

      Why do you right wing Christers think you can flood us with doctrine that is irrelevant to not only us but also the law, which is what we’re trying to get equality under? No matter how many times it gets said, religion has no place in law and you know it, yet you continue pushing the religious line.

      And Michael, the anti-gay crowd DO flood pro-gay pages. It’s just that our admins are a lot better at policing those pages. That said, there are one or two pages where the admin seems to have disappeared. Please visit: – you will find Kurt Lawson and several others being exceptionally inflammatory and even saying Hitler should have gassed us all.

      Then again, I’ve read your previous posts and it seems you’re even against us being treated equally under law, so you’d fit right in with those individuals. You’ve certainly never censured them…

  13. David Oslow

    Religion will always be a part of law and of politics. Get over it. Whine all you want….its what you are good at.

    1. danielmonroe123

      Exactly David! Why these people can’t or won’t see that is beyond me. I’m open if you come up with an answer. LOL

  14. Daniel Monroe

    if we told you homosexuality was just fine and dandy, no problem you’d be overjoyed. Since that won’t happen, it really pisses you off. Be pissed…no one really cares.

    1. culturecheck Post author

      You don’t have to tell us homosexuality is fine and dandy. LOL. We don’t need your approval. The majority of the U.S. thinks NOM and its supporters are delusional, we’re just reminding you of that. And Jeanette Runyon isn’t helping your cause. LOL.

      1. DN

        Arizona, eh, Michael?

        “31 out of 31 states” you say?


        Arizona rejected a constitutional ban on gay marriage in 2006.

        You’re a liar like the rest of your NOMbie friends.

  15. danielmonroe123

    Looks like the people may want to put it up to a vote. You willing to let that happen and accept what the voters say? What are going to do if SSM gets repealed? Oh, wait, you’ll piss your pants and foam at that mouth. No problem. Sorry I ask.

  16. danielmonroe123

    Homosexuality is not a civil right. If it is, this so is incest, bestiality, polygamy, and a whole host of others. What homosexuality is, is a behavior, a changeable one at that.

    As for who I am, that is irrelevant. Homosexuality is NOT a civil right. It does NOT meet the qualifications. It is NOT a minority and it is NOT a race. Pry your head from Bubba’s a$$ and get with the program.

    1. culturecheck Post author

      Who are you to judge whether or not it is a civil right? Comparing it to incest, bestiality, polygamy, etc etc is a popular NOM talking point but it has nothing to do with the GLBT community. What we are discussing is mutual love between two human beings. You don’t make decisions for everyone nor do you own marriage. And I’m happy to say that you’re losing day by day to your fellow Americans who see gay people for who they are – deserving, loving, equal human beings. They’re not spending hours on facebook creating fake profiles spreading hate because they are insecure as David Oslow, Daniel Monroe123, Millard Kinnison or another name they can fashion up. Again, your creepy fascination with gay people isn’t going unnoticed. Nice try, but get your head out of Maggie Gallagher’s ass.

  17. danielmonroe123

    Better do some checking cause homosexuality is not a right….its a behavior. Get used to that fact. Oh, by the way, smart ass, your the one losing. More Americans are AGAINST homosexuality that those for it. You really need to learn how to read simpleton. And I’m not spreading hate…thats just you vain attempt at trying to silence me using intimidation. Not working is it bubba?

    1. culturecheck Post author

      Bubba? LOL. You are the expert in things that don’t work… NOM is losing big time. That boat has been sinking for quite some time.
      You can’t change your sexual orientation. But you change your bigoted views about gay people. Millions of Americans already have.

      More Americans are AGAINST homosexuality??? Not anymore…

  18. danielmonroe123

    You know, I couldn’t give a rats ass less about NOM at the moment. “Millions” of Americans”? Oh yeah, thats the ones they polled…all 1500 of them. Some millions. You are starting to sound just like OBummer….he did such a good job…he created 10,000 jobs but lost 2 million more. The dumb ass has no idea of what he is talking about and neither do you. Do yourself a favor….stop reading f-ing polls. They mean absolutely nothing. They do not represent all Ammericans…only the ones that were polled. Polls are not scientific.They are what they are…a poll….nothing more.

    Oh, and I’m not bigoted. You just put yourself in the same boat Bubba. You are also bigoted against my beliefs. Therefore, you are just as big a bigot as the people you call bigoted. Moron.

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  20. Alison Pryde-Fields

    You seemed to like polls when they said what you wanted, Millard (your IP address is the same, genius, we checked). Your inflammatory retorts (both here and in the past) have been captured for future generations to witness exactly how much of a dinosaur the NOM movement really is. Face it, people are waking up to the reality that what you are feeding them is bullshit, and they sure don’t like the taste. It’s not us they’re going to round on. Every time you post filth, lies and hatred against gay people, it simply sends more support and empathy to our side. So keep on by all means. You are doing a great job for encouraging succour to our side – keep up the good work!

  21. daniel monroe

    Hey Alison, I can use any name I please, just like you can. What, you think your super shit or something? Oh, btw, You are not gaining any ground. You are so f’ing delusional that when reality slaps you in the face, you will land hard. Not that I give a shit, I don’t. You are your own worst enemy. Oh and tell “culture check” not to use that name. Its against what you like. F’ing cowards.

  22. daniel monroe

    Oh, Alison, I almost forgot, I’m not the f’ing dipshit that posted poll numbers…culture check did. F’ing learn how to read.

    1. Alison Pryde-Fields

      Millard (you are pretty naive to think that we can’t check your IP address), I think we’ve gained plenty of ground. We’ve won equality in yet another state and several countries have, or will soon be, allowing marriage equality. Churches here in the UK should they WANT to (NOT be forced to) will soon be able to offer civil partnerships (as of December, I believe). That enough of a slap in the face from reality for you?

      I have enemies, Millard, for sure – they’re called the people I arrest and send to jail and the ones on here who are that cowardly that they have to attack my friend’s infant daughter in an attempt to get to me. Why? Becuase I show them up for the chickenshit, anonymous, yellow-bellied, hypocritical, abusive, discriminatory, hateful, vile pieces of scum-based filth they actually are, and their tiny little minds can’t handle it.

      Your good self included, of course.

      And I’m not the one posting under a fake name.

      You fucking coward.


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