You may not like this blog. But people have a right to know.

When you post something so hateful, untrue or just mean on Facebook, there are consequences. You get reprimanded by Facebook. You get challenged by other people who disagree. Someone may like it giving it the thumbs-up. Or the comment made by you gets posted on this very blog. If you’re going to publicly post something so vile directed to a minority group, such as the LGBT community and its family, it’s only fair that the majority gets to see it. National Organization for Marriage and other anti-gay extensions have opened up dialogue  and have closed it because they are being challenged and don’t like the inconvenience. We know that NOM’s leadership has been inundated with requests from NOM Facebook supporters to close the National Organization for Marriage Facebook page from pro-equality people. Why? Because some cannot debate without resorting to hate speech which NOM has encouraged and fostered, directly and indirectly. Their loss in New York has left anti-gay individuals the fuel to employ some pretty ugly tactics – including posting pro-equality supporters’ employment information on public walls, threats of bodily harm and other personal attacks (all of which are Facebook Terms of Service violations).

If you see a comment that you’ve made reposted here, take responsibility.
Do nothing and hope that no one Googles your name and finds your name tagged to YOUR comment.
Comment on the article as “David Oslow” has done in the previous post with a fake name with more homophobic and hateful comments.
3. Provide more context or even try to justify the comments you’ve made on a public wall; which has been done by a young man named Darren Clifft who took the time to provide some context, and even apology, to his hateful comment he posted.

The choice is yours. They are YOUR comments.

NOM likes to demand the public vote on a civil right such as marriage. Does this same public have a right to see what is being posted publicly by homophobic individuals who pledge allegiance to NOM and anti-gay groups like it?

2 thoughts on “You may not like this blog. But people have a right to know.

  1. Melissa Kennedy

    Agreed. Facebook “LIKE” pages (formally fan pages) are a public forum. Anyone can see them and anyone can join them. They are not private profiles they are PUBLIC. What you post on these pages is not private or restricted. If you post something disgusting/hateful then it is there for all to see so it is your fault if you end up on this blog or any other place on the internet. There are consequences to your actions….

  2. Denise Jean Doubeux

    Very well said as usual. You can damn well expected to be called out. If you had the guts enough to say it, you sure as hell better have the guts to stick by it (or apologise, is an option).


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