Christian who advocated execution of gays takes back comment with change of heart, straight ally intervenes

***Please read the update to this posting***

National Organization for Marriage supporters and anti-gay people in general like to cling to religion as giving them the solid basis to discriminate and call for legislation and actions that impact the GLBT community and its families. Many claim to be Christians. Gay people are not against Christians, yet anti-gay people insist we are. Many gay people actually believe you can be a Christian and still support marriage equality. Why not?

One thing is clear. Gay people have not called for a war against Christians. And we sure haven’t advocated violence against them. Or called for execution.

This comment appeared on the Anti Gay Marriage page on Facebook. It was taken down hours after it was posted.

This individual has a profile on a Christian networking site. Does killing people, because you don’t agree with them, being Christian-like?

Darren Clifft seems like a great guy, except when he made the “execute them all” comment. He is more than welcome to respond to this blog with an explanation of why he would say such a thing and then identify as a Christian. Here’s a testimonial he wrote for St Albans Church:

Turns out, Darren Clifft, author of the homophobic statement made days ago, has had a change of heart and takes back his comment. One of our straight allies who follows NOM and its supporters closely had a series of discussions with this young man in which he genuinely expressed his sincere apologies in which he deleted his Facebook account. It can happen. Look at the change of heart Louis Marinelli had after 5 years working for the very organization that spews lies and hatred to demean the GLBT community and its families. Good for you, Darren Clifft. And great work to our straight ally who took the time to converse with him and help him see the error of his ways. While he still believes in traditional marriage only, he has made it clear that he doesn’t support or advocate violence or execution to the GLBT community.

He took up the offer to provide explanation and some context for his comment. Here’s Darren Clifft in his own words:
This is Darren here, the guy you wrote about in your blog. As you probably already know, I am a conservative christian who lives in the secular UK where there is a large LGBT community which is accepted and celebrated by the vast majority of the population.

Recently I haven’t been myself, and I’ve been very angry and upset with one particular person in the LGBT community. I didn’t handle the situation correctly, and decided to take my anger out on anti-gay facebook pages by posting obscenities, abuse and hatred against homosexuals. I am writing you this letter to assure you that I do not have anything against the LGBT community and that I am truly sorry for all the trouble I have caused and for all those who I’ve offended. Although I am a christian who believes in traditional marriage, I understand that the vast majority of people in this day and age do not share my beliefs, and that whatever the law is in my country I should obey it and respect other peoples rights to marry.

Again, I am sorry for causing offense and trouble-making on the internet. I hope you accept my apologies, and I wish the best for you and your friends who I have offended.

Susanne “Onyx” Siniard:
On June 28th, I set to task to talk to key players in the anti-same sex marriage campaign. One in particular, Darren Clifft, was a person who I saw anger in and that was the exact type that needed an intervention. After several emails back and forth, we got to the bottom of his feelings and he really saw what was right and what was wrong.. without bastardizing his religious belief system. I can vouch for him and tell you, he had a true change of heart and I couldn’t think of a better example of someone coming to terms with their inner emotions, than Darren. He really, contrary to his posts of the past, has a kind heart and a gentle spirit.

Please feel free to use this email on your blog, as I think it will assist your readers in understanding that when faced with angry people.. the best way to approach, is kindly, gently and compassionately. They may just be surprised at what they find.

24 thoughts on “Christian who advocated execution of gays takes back comment with change of heart, straight ally intervenes

  1. Sherry April Bailey

    I appreciate your tactful, loving approach to a horrid situation, at best. I am a personal friend of Darren’s and know his heart to be kind, gentle & loving. I had spoke to Darren many times about the growing anger inside of him these past several weeks and I told him, it was not Darren at all, but totally someone that was not Darren, acting out. I knew this was heading in a wayward direction and would come head on, sooner or later. I am so thankful that this lead to your direction, as you have used common sense, logic, reasoning & understanding as your approach, and by this Darren has/will find resolve within his own self. All that Darren has said that was hurtful, is not him, whatsoever and hurtful to his own character. By the elegant way you handled this situation both the ugly that he showed and the true person he is has shined through the entire story. My heartfelt thanks and appreciation for treating Darren, as I would, a friend that truly loves him, heart & soul. All the best to you and yours on this site! ❤

  2. Ioan Lightoller

    I am certainly ready to let bygones be bygones. God knows I’ve gotten angry and lashed out at the wrong people myself. Hopefully the loving approach will make him change his mind about marriage equality, but if not, well, people have the right to believe what they feel is the right thing for them.

    I am glad that Darren has apologised for his comments–it takes a real man to admit that he was wrong.

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  4. S.Taylor

    I request that you remove the testimony from the page about Darren from Saint Albans Church as he no longer attends and hasn’t attended for 2 yrs and it will be removed from our website shortly. You have had no consent to post that information from St Albans Website on this blog and I kindly request its removal. Darren’s views have changed since he was at church so any paragraphs that include St Albans Church, is kindly requested to be removed. Thank you for your time.

  5. S.Taylor

    HI In response from my last message, I have thought harder and looked at your blog even deeper and I dont mind if you keep the testimony on the page. As I have seen what you are standing up for. I like that you have great passion and the way it is written is actually very good if you would like to keep the testimony you can but, I am just letting you know our website will be under maintenance and it will be deleted. But for the successful stories sake. Keeping the Testimony is fine. Sorry for the rash last message and Thank you for your time.

  6. Graham

    Turns out Darren has become more extreme in recent weeks. So much so that he has published this manifesto on his Facebook.

    ‘Democracy has proven to be a failure. What is needed is a dictatorship under me – as the leader of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Once I gain control of Parliament, I will become the Ruler of this land and I promise to restore it back to the white, christian country it once was and here is a list of all the changes I would make:

    There will be no more voting, no more democracy. Democracy would be nice, but unfortunately the majority of the British people are subject to a mental disorder known as ‘modern liberalism’. The British people have been brainwashed by the leftist media to think a certain way. Democracy is no longer our friend. a Dictatorship under a fascist government is the only option, and indeed the only way we can save Britain.
    This also means withdrawing from the EU. As much as I love Europe and want my European brothers & sisters to be freed from the EU, my sole priority must be my own country.
    Northern Ireland will be given back to Ireland. IRA terrorist attacks will cease. Therefore the UK will comprise of the 3 main countries – Scotland, England, Wales.
    As the leader of the UK, I will be making all the final decisions with 8 chosen and trusted friends who I can rely on to help me make the right decisions.
    Royal family will be allowed to stay but they will have NO political power and will have to pay for their own weddings from now on. The peoples taxes will no longer go to them.
    All troops will be withdrawn from the Middle East and instead will be stationed here in Britain to protect its own citizens on the streets and to shoot any more left wing/liberal rioters.
    Troops will be patrolling the streets of Britain to ensure the peoples safety
    They will also get higher pay, a good pension and (depending on how many years they’ve served and their achievements) will get their own nice big house to live in for their families – putting your life on the line for your country deserves higher pay and its disgraceful that soldiers don’t get paid enough.
    Race, religion and culture are all part of the British Identity. Take one of these away from us and we fail to be British.
    All non-native British people (non-British whites) will be deported back to their own country of origin. If they refuse to comply they will be hunted down, captured and deported by force.
    English is our language. Welsh may be spoken in Wales, and Gaelic may be spoken in Scotland. But in England only English will be acceptable. Those who cannot/will not speak English will be deported.
    Illegal Immigrants will be shot and killed, with their body shipped back to their own country for burial. This will let their people know that they are not wanted here.
    Only those Foreigners who marry a British citizen will be allowed to live and work here.
    Foreigners will be allowed to come here on holiday, for tourism and for visiting a maximum period of 3 months each visit and are required to speak basic English. They will not be allowed to live or work here.
    Crime and punishment
    New laws will be introduce into the UK. Some of these will be harsh in order to promote good morals and for the greater good of the people.
    Death penalty will be introduced. Concentration camps will be set up. Offenders will be sent to the gas chambers where they will be exposed to high levels of Zyclon B as a method of execution.
    Murderers will be executed.
    Rapists will have their sexual organs removed, and possibly sent to a concentration camp where they will await execution.
    Abortion will be completely illegal (even during cases of rape/incest etc). Those who abort in secret will be sent to a concentration camp where they will await execution.
    Homosexuality and Paedophilia will be illegal. Those who practice such vile acts, whether man or woman, will have their sexual organs removed, and possibly sent to a concentration camp where they will await execution.
    The high price for Marital Infidelity (cheating on a spouse) will be to have sexual organs removed so they cannot do it again.
    Miscegenation will be illegal. There will be no interracial weddings. Those who wish to miscegenate and destroy their race are free to leave Britain and denounce their citizenship. Mixed race offspring with British blood will have the choice to either leave or stay in Britain.
    Rioters will face execution via the firing squad.
    Street gangs will be deported to a 3rd world country more suiting to their primitive behaviour.
    Religion and morality
    The religion of the UK is Christian and will always remain so. I will make myself the head of the Church of England.
    Those C of E vicars who promote homosexuality, gay ‘marriage’, or liberalism, will be sent to the concentration Camps where they await execution.
    Mosques, Sikh Temples, Synagogues, LDS churches, Kingdom Halls, Buddhist Temples etc will all be demolished and replaced with C of E churches.
    All forms of Islam will be banned and those who practice Islam will be sent to a concentration camp.
    The people of Great Britain will be encouraged to attend church, and christianity will be promoted throughout the media.
    Television Programmes which insult or degrade christianity will be banned from the UK.
    Those who wish to practice another religion or to have no religion will be free to do so. However, promoting any religion other than christianity will be illegal.
    All schools will teach christianity and the Bible as ‘fact’ rather than ‘fiction’.
    Schools will no longer teach Evolution. All Evolutionary textbooks will be burned and replaced with scientific textbooks that support Biblical Creationism.
    Abstinance until marriage will be encouraged in schools. Condoms will no longer be readily available to teenagers.
    Age of sexual consent will be raised to 18.
    Christian couples who attend church will be encouraged by the government and media to have large families. Those christian families who have more than 4 children will get a large tax break.
    Those with a liberal secular agenda who promote any anti-christian/humanist movements will be sent to a concentration camp and face a nasty death in the gas chambers.
    Employment and opportunites
    Practicing Christians will be regarded as 1st class citizens. Non-christians will be 2nd class citizens.
    1st class citizens will always get priority when it comes to highly educated jobs and university places.
    More jobs will be created by the government and private companies. All the jobs and businesses which once belonged to immigrants and non-british people will be given to those British christians who are worthy of such jobs.
    Those who are unemployed will be given at least 20 hours work to do weekly by the government. If they refuse to work they will not be paid.
    University fees will be scrapped. Only those who are intelligent with good christian morals will be allowed into University. Those who have criminal records will not be permitted to enter university.
    Foreign students into Universities will not be accepted. We must educate the British people first.

    I believe that our country would be a much better place if I was in charge. If all these policies were put in place, britain would be much safer, crime-free, a nicer and friendlier, more moral place to live. This is my Manifesto and everything here I believe will soon come to pass on.’

    1. culturecheck Post author

      Thanks for letting us know. We gave him the benefit of the doubt and turns out he was not sorry for his earlier comments. We will be in touch with him to see if he’d like to explain a bit.

    2. Alison Pryde-Fields

      Is it just me or is Darren’s thinking slightly to the right of Atilla the Hun? Thankfully the extreme-right-wingers like him are a huge minority in the UK – I suspect he is either an EDL member or from Combat 18 (a now-illegal political group whose policies reflect those of Darren). I’d point out the immense flaws and detriment to society his idea of ‘laws’ (which even Hitler would have found a little too extreme), but not only do I doubt he’d care or listen I also think it would be a waste of time, they’re that obvious…

      1. titflasher

        Darren is a racist idiot who doesn’t have a Christian bone in his body. Christ came to the world to spread the importance of love – remember His commandment? He gives Christians a bad name and makes English people look like the type of racist, stupid, bigoted idiot he is.

  7. Garron James

    I demand this blog be removed, it’s ludicrous and sickening to think that some crazed GAY LEFT WING ACTIVIST would go and spread lies about Darren Cliff, he’s a patriotic God fearing law abiding citizen and to create something like this and kick him while he’s down is a disgrace.

    1. culturecheck Post author

      I guess some “crazed GAY LEFT WING ACTIVIST” doesn’t deserve the same free speech rights as you? For Darren to post such hate speech (even after apologizing) is disgraceful… especially to the thousands of GLBT youth who are struggling to come to terms with their sexuality and then commit suicide because they read such hateful comments. Are you asking that hate speech be tolerated? What he posts on Facebook is his responsibility.

      This blog has more things that Darren has commented on and liked. They are very homophobic and one such comment that he thumbs-upped (by Kelly Sealy) actually calls for murdering gay people. What was that again?… “patriotic God fearing law abiding citizen”?

  8. Rose Mompie

    There are a lot of hostile people on that page. I know Darren he’s a good guy. Someone angered him and his statement is taken out of context. If you’re going to put up statements put up the entire post with everyones statements. Don’t take things out of context.

    1. culturecheck Post author

      You’re welcome to defend him and his actions. He apologized for it (see his posting) but then went back to posting hate speech on Facebook. IN A PUBLIC FORUM.

    2. culturecheck Post author

      Is this the same Rose Mompie who posts vulgar comments on “Laughing At The Edl & The Infidel Vs Muslim 2 Page” on Facebook? Just asking.

      1. Wesley Lee

        I know Darren has extremist views, but deep down inside he is a good guy when it doesn’t come to the LGBT. For me, I’m not actually a supporter for LGBT, but I’m not mean like I used to be. I didn’t have extremist views though.

      2. culturecheck Post author

        His extremist views go beyond the LGBT. Non-white people according to his manifesto are not worthy.

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