NOM Plays Ugly and Sends it Supporters to Post Onto New York Senators Facebook Pages, Threaten Equality Supporters

The fight for marriage in New York rested in the hands of a few Republicans. National Organization for Marriage wanted to win over the senators so that they would vote No for the Marriage Equality Bill. While NOM was pumping in my money and showing itself in Albany, its supporters were told to go to their pages and post their ‘support’ for traditional marriage. It turned ugly. NOM supporters tried a variety of things. And FAILED. But the fact that NOM now has obvious lies and tactics in its toolbox, they pretty much got caught deceiving New Yorkers and the United States.

I have since heard from a follower that the picture is of his daughter,one of many which was stolen by the convicted felon Jahnmaud Lane, and used to create fake profiles. Yes, Lane actually sank so low as to steal pictures of toddlers. And Brian Brown actually shook hands with this man…

One posted this on one of the senator’s walls. A fake profile, intended to make gay people seem like monsters…

Another one admits to using a fake profile. Shaun Vicari actually created a Facebook profile of a well-known pro-equality person to spread hateful comments. Here’s his confession:

One thought on “NOM Plays Ugly and Sends it Supporters to Post Onto New York Senators Facebook Pages, Threaten Equality Supporters

  1. Denise Jean Doubeux

    “Lily B Stard” was created by one of the nastiest homophobic abusers on Facebook, Krystal Canter, who is well known to most activist groups for her activities. She created this using a photo of Andrew Eastaugh’s infant daughter Lily, which she stole from his profile. She has been stalking and harassing him for a number of months, moving her “location” closer and closer to his house, saying she knows private details about him (which she doesn’t really), accusing him of being a paedophile…and then this. She has actually made three slightly differing versions of this profile that she uses to attack him and pro-rights campaigners. Since it caused such an outrage, the police were getting interested, and she realised she was probably in pretty serious trouble and she quit using her own profile, lay low for a few weeks and swapped to this more or less permanently. She’s now back and using these Lily profiles to post abuse all over the place. After complaints to Facebook, unsurprisingly they have let her persist with this insulting abomination. It’s really one of the worst cases of stalking I’ve seen in my time on Facebook. I’ve seen anti-rights people do some pretty rotten things in my time via social networking but I think this is right up there at the top.


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