Marriage Equality for New York!!!! NOM Now Threatens Pro-Equality Politicians, Supporters Ask for Another 9-11 and Gays to be Burned.

Marriage Equality for New York passed 33-29. What an amazing victory. National Organization for Marriage sure was mad. So much in fact, it vowed a whopping $2 million dollars to unseat the Republicans who voted for marriage equality. Sore losers.

Here’s what they ran on their facebook page.

NOM even used a picture of Jesus!

There is a brilliant blog dedicated to exposing NOM that goes into greater detail of this subject: Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters

The homophobic comments that followed after New York Marriage Equality passed were too much to keep up with. Here’s a posting of some. One really stands out.

One NOM supporter even asked for another 9-11 to prove his point.

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