More Outrageous Claims and Statements from NOManiacs

It’s been a slow week for the National Organization for Marriage. Illinois civil unions take effect this week. The grave for DOMA is getting deeper and deeper. So NOM concentrates on scaring parents that the “radical gay agenda” is coming to an elementary school near them. Or that Senator Ruben Diaz who led the hate parade in the Bronx last month where he said gay people are worthy of death is now apparently receiving death threats. NOManiacs criticized a Gallup poll last month that revealed Americans are more favorable of gay marriage than ever. Now they are latching onto a Gallup poll that says people believe gay people were born gay has flatlined. Again, very slow week for the haters.

The NOManiacs are hard at work spewing their hatred and misinformation:

And in the same breath…

And it wouldn’t be complete with commentary from Wayne C Cooper, a reverend from Lincoln Avenue Baptist Church in Pasadena, California, made famous by this blog about his tirades on anal sex and feces. And somehow he knows the best interest of children?

Rob Haldeman claims gay people will never be equal to him because they “can’t make biological children with the partner they love.” A very popular NOM argument.Ā  Yet, there are millions of couples, gay and straight, who cannot have children for medical reasons and many who do not want to have children. Are they not equal either?

And NOManiacs love to create fake profiles in order to say things they don’t have to be responsible for. Yet their allegiance to National Organization for Marriage makes NOM responsible.

4 thoughts on “More Outrageous Claims and Statements from NOManiacs

  1. Alex

    I used to be on Doma [4] Life spreading my views without being hateful, as was allowed by the info tab at the time. The admin was attempting to be civil and neutral, and treat sides equally. Now he’s removed all gay people, they are no longer listed as allowing people to spread their views.

    He claims he removed people for no real reason (but being gay is the true reason), but that if you scratch an itch long enough he’s done with it. He claimed something about personal attacks, but I posted none- other people on the site definitely did post some, but theirs were against gay people and were not removed.

    They can’t stand dissent.

  2. C Dresden

    That page is a great one. The page description is the holy grail that DOMA people were looking for. With a tried and true page description such as that one they what they wish within reason. The page description removes the ability to ban the page as a hate site.


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