NOM’s Louis J. Marinelli, Defects. Now Supports Marriage Equality.

Had today been April 1, I would have posted how silly his April Fool’s joke was on this blog. However, today is not April Fool’s.

But today, National Organization for Marriage is the fool. One of its own, Louis J. Marinelli III, who banned me from NOM’s Facebook page just 2 days ago, announced he is now in full support of marriage equality. Just two day ago I was charged with “smearing” HIS page and that if I continued, he would ban me. He did anyways. Marinelli did not like that I was posting this blog’s address onto the NOM page. I contacted him through email and basically told him that I was fine with being banned as long as he was content on being exposed as a coward.

Turns out, he’s no coward. After 5 years of pleading allegiance to the extremist, hate group National Organization for Marriage, he reveals that he’s had enough. He can no longer demean peoples’ lives through hateful tactics that NOM desperately employs. Incredible. After reading his post, it is clear he is being honest and forthright. NOM always uses “ex-gays” as a ploy to confuse Americans into thinking that homosexuality can be cured, healed, shut off. It cannot. It’s called repression. It’s unfair for me to speculate if Marinelli is gay but I do believe he compromised and overlooked his own personal beliefs and allowed repression by the organization he worked for. He credits the 2010 Summer for Marriage bus tour for his defection. But I think it was more than that. I believe the pro-marriage equality supporters who logged in hours after hours on NOM’s Facebook page debating the hate-filled NOManiacs had a lot to do with it. Hateful they are. All I can hear now is Brian Brown and Maggie Gallagher scratching their heads.

It’s nice to have you on our side, Louis. Sorry we didn’t get off to a good start.

NOM has reset its page. But we now know what will fill it again soon enough. More hypocrisy.

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