NOManiacs use children to push scare tactics to parents.

Children have been the talking point for Maggie Gallagher. She knows how to tug at the heart strings and scare people into thinking gay people are after their kids or that gay people cannot raise children. NOM’s facebook page today was focused on children – from gay couples adopting, how gay people threatening to kidnap their children and how Dan Savage’s new TV show will give “advice” to children. Sure, parents are protective of their young. But these same parents also think gay people shouldn’t adopt and some even have categorized and compared gay people to pedophiles.

Dan Savage was also targeted on NOM’s Facebook page. Once again, NOM ran with the tactic of scaring parents.

It worked. NOM supporters with parents expressed outrage. One particular NOManiac decided to quote a Bible verse.

Another NOManiac veered off topic… even accusing a pro-marriage equality supporter of being a bully. Yet, she can compare gay people to drug addicts and alcoholics and assume stereotypes are justified. She stated she had a 4-H meeting to attend and left after assuming someone was gay, judging his profile picture.

Hate and bigotry are dangers to children. Gay people are not.

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