NOManiac: Obama belonged to a gay man’s club.

NOM doesn’t like Obama. So therefore, neither do NOManiacs. Obama announced that the federal government would no longer defend Defense of Marriage Act, NOM went into overdrive, riling up its already-confused supporter, even changing it’s facebook profile picture.

One NOManiac, Justin Boudreaux, has an interesting accusation: Obama’s decision to no longer defend DOMA must be because he’s gay.

Sure, there are rumors circulating that Obama frequented Man’s Country if you Google search for them. They also claim Rahm Emanuel frequented Man’s Country. It’s obvious that Obama as President has struck the nerves of many. However, give to a few to come up with some elaborate story out of desperation. What is relevant here with Justin Boudreaux’s accusation is he cannot differentiate fact vs fiction. Any piece of information, even if it’s fiction, that might reinforce his argument is fair game to him. Unfortunately, so many NOManiacs rely on this.

Justin Boudreaux also took the opportunity to weigh in on the threats made by Louis J. Marinelli III (admin for NOM’s facebook page) to ban me if I didn’t stop posting a link to this page. See post below this post.
He has no problem using derogatory language just as long as he follows up that he’s serving God.

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