Removed! NOM supporters’ posts encouraging gay suicide. Yet homophobic posts from others remain.

Read my earlier post “NOM supporters encourage gay people to kill themselves.” As expected, this conversation was removed. Ironically, the posts from a particular individual (he’s changed his facebook name several times in order to dodge being banned) where he outright calls people “faggots,” “homos” etc etc were NOT. We are not talking about one or two posts from “Kane” but several. Even more interesting, he claims he works for the U.S. Military and has bragged about using his government-issued laptop to go against the “fags.” “Kane GlennBeckel” encourages people to repost his comments but he says he isn’t there to debate. Other than being very homophobic and ignorant, he expresses his outrage against the Defense of Marriage Act not being defended and the revels in the fact that ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ repeal isn’t implemented. Well, yesterday, news broke that repeal implementation was right on schedule and going great.

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