NOM supporters encourage gay people to kill themselves.

The thread was about gay couples adopting then it turned into this. Horrible. I had to ask several times for clarification because I was so astonished at such hateful comments. Pay particular attention to the areas highlighted in red.

10 thoughts on “NOM supporters encourage gay people to kill themselves.

  1. thecommodore

    I may not be the first to point this out, but you should redact the names of the people in this thread.

  2. jim

    Hey Carma, someone said people probably dont take you serious, I agree with that statement. HOW can an educated, sane, religious or not person with the utter nonsense issued by you. You and your religious types have a more documented perverse history then any other group of people on the planet.

  3. culturecheck Post author

    Unfortunately, Carma had a fellow NOManiac that agreed with her. Even confirmed that they have parties when gay people end their lives. Truly sad.

  4. culturecheck Post author

    thecommodore… please let us know if you find that reposting comments is illegal. We’ve checked. We are simply giving the authors credit for the comments.

  5. Derek the Bane of Homophobes

    Why redact their names? They posted abhorrent comments publically and should be given full credit.

  6. lala

    I find Carma’s wall very interesting today. Doubtful she will ever be smart enough to realize that we reap what we sow. After all, karma is a *****

    Carma McCona
    TODAY: I had a horrible thought, I could relate with those that kill themselves, which is the first time this has ever happened to me. Both my husband and I are having to go back to school, him because he has seizures now and keeps getting fired so he has to get trained in a field that the seizures will not be a problem. Me I am being trained in an area that my disabilities will not be a problem, this takes time, my husband does get unemployment and I have a disability check and we have no credit cards or any of those pay day loans, we just have the normal regular bills utility, phone, gas for the car, food, and we are short each month, now again our home is at risk, the president said there was modification out there for loans such as ours and we have been trying to receive a modification through Litton Financial going on three years, just at the time we think it will come through they say we messed up on our payments this takes us out of the modification process until we prove we are not and then we have to start all over again. Then our world has become so horrible, drive by shooting, doctors and courts killing off the elderly and children with severe injuries, Sexual Pervert/Freaks walking around being accepted as normal getting rights to call the situation normal that has always been and always will be dishonorable and filthy, our government fighting and not able to make decisions that is good for the whole country, children in our own country starving to death and not being helped. I was thinking about all of this when I was driving down Austin Bluffs and I remember how the road up the hill at one time you could drive right to the edge, and thought to myself if we cannot be happy living why not end it all. Why live a life if you are not happy? I have not thought that way once since turning my life over to the Lord, but now I can never say that agin.

    1. culturecheck Post author

      His words of wisdom are hateful. People that disagree with same-sex marriage have told him to shut up because he makes them look bad. NOM looks bad.

    2. culturecheck Post author

      Also, thanks, Michael Ejercito for your comment. There’s no need to post anonymously. You’ve been on this blog before.


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